10 Things To Do Before Delivery


I reached out to local moms here in Warner Robins who recently delivered and I asked them “What are the TOP things you did before delivery that made things easier.”

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Read below and see what they had to say!

  1. Prep several freezer meals that can be dropped in crockpot every morning or easily microwaved for dinner.

    If you don’t mind having visitors you can also set up a meal train. Click here for more information.
    - Freezer meals are great way to keep yourself busy before delivery, because I mean you can only clean so much, right?? Search Pinterest or post on Facebook and ask your closest friends their go to recipes.

  2. Find a breastfeeding counselor and/or support group and attend meetings BEFORE baby is born. I know some GREAT ones so contact me for information! Also see if your insurance covers a breast pump.
    Even if you are going to nurse, a pump is nice to have for the times that you won’t be able to nurse or for when baby decides to sleep longer than expected and you need some of that pressure taken away.

  3. Pedicure, have your hair done, or prenatal massage. Just whatever just makes YOU happy. 
    - “I loved seeing my pretty toes in the air!”

  4. Get your house to a comfortable setting for you, if that means deep clean, then by all means, do it. Hire a professional if that makes it a little easier for you. Think about what would stress you out the MOST after you come home from the hospital and take care of it beforehand. It’s okay to ask for help with these things too! In fact, you SHOULD ask..your about to go through some tiring times mama.
    -Baseboards, blinds, bath tubs, carpets etc.

  5. Baby Moon & Date Night.
    -Take a look at the calendar, see when you both could get away for a couple of days and enjoy each other’s company before your little one arrives. Plan to get dressed up, go out to eat, or just stay in a hotel room, rent movies, and relax. If you do this at home all you will do is think about everything that needs to be done, then you’ll be distracted and that is NOT the point. Definitely get clearance from your doctor to go out of town beforehand also.

  6. Pick a birth announcement & get friends/ family addresses.
    -This will take away the stress about picking a birth announcement after baby is born and you will already have all of the addresses that you need.

  7. Pack your hospital bags.
    -I wrote another blog post on the top items to pack and you can find that by clicking HERE.

  8. Buy some “in-between” clothes.
    -Although you will drop in size after delivery you will still be in between what you were before baby but not in need of your maternity clothes anymore either. Find some in between comfortable lounging pants, or gowns.

  9. Find a Newborn Photographer.
    -Hello Mama!! I’d love for you to contact me and let’s start talking details. Click here to chat! If my style is not what you are looking for though there are a lot of other great photographers in the area, so start looking to ensure a spot on their calendar as most only take on newborns no older than 2 weeks.

  10. Talk to your doctor about delivery options. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
    -If you have questions, ASK! Ask about visiting hours, what you can expect during delivery, what were to happen in case of a c-section, etc.

I really hope this helps and takes some of the stress away when trying to figure out what all needs to be done before delivery! Feel free to share or comment below with any other TOP ideas you have!

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