STOP! Before you register anywhere mama, read this.

I reached out to local moms here in Warner Robins who recently delivered and I asked them “What is the BEST gift you received at your baby shower? What is it that you’d recommend over and over again to other moms who are currently putting their registry together?”

Read below and see what they had to say!

Baby Shower Must Haves

  1. Jennifer N- Some good Earth Momma Nipple Butter saved my nips and it’s safe for baby so no wiping off before each feed, which is every 2.5 seconds in newborn life. That’s what I would recommend to all new nursing mommas.

  2. Dawn S- DIAPERS AND WIPES! Forget everything else and just do diapers and wipes, lol. Keep the receipts if you can. Don’t worry about it if you can’t. Target and Walmart will let you swap them out as needed with or without a receipt. Sooooo👏🏽Many👏🏽Diaper👏🏽Changes!

  3. Dawn S- If breastfeeding, totally recommend that you buy or register yourself a Haakaa (Silicone Breast Pump). Total game changer and life saver! I have well over 3,000 ounces now and am donating everything else I collect from here on out.

  4. Dawn S- A cool mist humidifier with a few gallons of distilled water on standby, infant Tylenol, saline drops, a nose Frida, Vaseline and a thermometer capable of taking rectal temps. Get a regular one not the fancy ones, they’re useless and inaccurate in our experience. Rectal and regular ones were always spot on with docs readings. If anyone is as unlucky as we were a regular checkup turned into RSV will show up out of nowhere and you’ll be scrambling to get these things together at the worst hours of the night. I so wish I had put them on my registry as someone suggested because when we needed it I would have loved for it to be at home already. But I told myself my baby would never get sick or it would be more convenient to just go grab the stuff as needed. I was wrong.

  5. Sarah O-This may not be the BEST because there was so much great stuff, but someone gave me a gift certificate for a Prenatal Massage. It was amazing to use towards the end of my pregnancy when I was starting to get uncomfortable.

  6. Kassidy B- I didn't receive this at my baby shower, but I bought it for myself, for both kiddos now. Rear faces until 50lbs, grows with your kiddo until 120lbs and 57in! Plus, check out that install feature! So convenient! Evenflo EveryStage DLX All-In-One Car Seat, Reef.

  7. Rachel B- I love a Carrier or the Boppy Pillow.

  8. Logan M- Nose Frida hands down!

  9. Rachel Y-Changing Pad Liners!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  10. Britney A- Any kind of Ergonomic Baby Carrier & Nose Frida

  11. Lisa S- Any of the Baby Wearers. They were hand-me-downs but they were great!

  12. Heather D- Silicone Diaper Brush, applicator used for diaper cream.

  13. Ashton C- Prenatal Massage

  14. Ashley S- Pello Newborn Lounger. We have used this every single day of Hank’s life! He slept on this on our bed or the couch. He did tummy time on it, learned to sit up in it (because no matter which way they fall they’re always landing on cushion), he has always laid in it to drink a bottle or watch tv. He still loves it and is 18 months old now!! You can even wash and dry it!!

  15. Gail S- I second the Tylenol and Saline Spray! I receive these for a baby shower gift, and when my baby suddenly got sick in the middle of the night, i was SO THANKFUL I had it! Also, Sound Machine and Humidifier!

What might not benefit one mama might save another mama's sanity! It is definitely good to look over and see what stands out most to you and look into items you didn't even know existed! As always, I hope this was helpful! Thanks again to all of these mamas who gave their feedback too!