Hadley Kay | The Result Of A 6 Year Long Wait | Warner Robins, Georgia Birth Photographer

Our journey was not an easy one. After trying for almost 6 years we got pregnant only to have a miscarriage. Soon after we lost our angel we found out we were expecting again. Not wanting to miss a moment of our journey we decided to document it through a birth photographer.

From the very start Heather was so amazing and calming. I was very high stressed and wanted everything to be perfect and she did not disappoint. I was nervous about pretty much every aspect of the process. I was worried I would look horrible in maternity pictures (dresses aren’t my thing) but the first glimpse at the sneak peak had me in tears for hours. She somehow managed to capture how I felt on the inside. I have never felt more proud or beautiful than I did in my maternity shots. To see the way my husband looked at me was something I don’t think I would have understood without seeing it in a picture.

Then came the birth photos. I got a lot of slack from everyone for spending that kind of money on something “like that” but I am here to say every single person has retracted their statements after seeing Heather in action. She was so professional and really just an asset to my birth story. She took my shy nervous self and once again made the pictures magical.

After having a rough labor that ended in an emergency c-section I was a little foggy on the day. I was able to see everyone’s reaction when they received the text about Hadley being born and all the moments leading up to that moment was priceless.

To capture the whole day....I mean there are no amount of words I could use to describe how ecstatic I am with how they turned out. And then the newborn session, she was so wonderful with our Hadley and made me feel such at ease the whole time.

I want to look at every picture she took throughout this process all day long. I never thought it would be this amazing. But I would not change a thing!

Thank you Heather for allowing me to never forget this journey we have been on! ~Megan H.