How To Get Through The Last Month of Pregnancy


The last month.

  • The most exciting

  • The longest

  • The most emotional

  • The most uncomfortable

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Whoo Hoo! You’ve made it! You’ve survived (and hopefully gotten over) all of the morning sickness. You’ve had your baby shower, and the nursery is decorated and all ready for baby to come home. Unless you’re a girl after my own heart and you’re constantly finding cute, last minute, gotta have it additions at Hobby Lobby while whipping out that 40% coupon at checkout! But seriously, now it’s just suppose to pass quickly right? Ehhhh. Not so much. I remember while pregnant with my daughter I was leaving the doctor’s office (November 9th, 2005 to be exact) and I called my mom as I walked out to my car -crying! I was so upset because I had not dilated any and there were no signs of my body making progress to prepare for labor. I was frustrated, miserable, and just plain over it. I went home, plopped on the couch, and sulked. I wasn’t due until December 4th but I was just so tired. I had no energy, I had gained way too much weight, and I just wanted her. I know I had a little less than a month before my due date, but again, I was so tired, I had no energy, I had gained way too much weight, and I just wanted her.

Little did I know that I would be having her the very next day! Looking back now I hate, hate, HATE that I was so upset after that appointment. It was my last day being pregnant with her and I spent it letting my restlessness be higher than my excitement.

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So, here are my 6 tips to help get you through the last and final part of your pregnancy.

1) Don’t let your restlessness be higher than your excitement.

I know, I know it sounds much easier than actually doing but ya gotta try! Take if from someone who felt all too anxious the last few weeks, ended up delivering early, and then once I delivered literally held my baby for less than 5 minutes before she had to be taken to the NICU for a week. It’s totally normal to feel anxious, but don’t let it be all that you feel. Don’t let it steal those last few weeks of it just being the two of you, you know before you have to start sharing him/her with all of your family members + friends.

2) When you wake up and think “Yep, still pregnant” Just remember, it won’t last forever!

Seriously, it wont. Most doctors advise you not to go past 42 weeks soooo there’s that. When you find yourself getting discouraged though, just breathe. Take a minute and talk to your baby. Tell them you can’t wait to meet them, that you know they will be here soon, and just express your feelings out loud. After that go on about your day. You won’t be pregnant forever.

3) Find ways to keep yourself busy but that won’t exhaust you.

When you wake up each morning, or after dinner each night, take a walk. Take 10-20 minutes, whatever you can handle, for yourself. Take your husband with you. or your dog, and again just breathe. Take in your view, count your blessings, and let this be what you look forward to for the time being. When your walk is over, think about your walk tomorrow and how much you enjoyed that time. Time away from social media, time away from household to do list, time away from planning. Just you time.

4) Spend quality time with your husband/significant other.

This probably should be #1 or #2 but I’ve already typed those out so it’s just gonna stay at #4. This is just as important though, especially if this is your first baby. It has just been you and him and soon it won’t be that way anymore. Your quiet nights in together will soon be full of newborn cries, feedings, diaper changes, visitors and non stop talk about the baby. WHICH IS FINE, that is how it’s suppose to be, but take these last few weeks in just the two of you. Rent some movies, plan a nice dinner out, cuddle in bed, I mean as much as you can with that big ole belly, and just love on him, let him love on you just as much too!

5) Get your hair + your toes done.

Oh yeah mama, schedule yourself bi weekly pedicures and a hair appointment closer to due date. I would definitely advise against trying out a new hair color/style at this point though. Just get your typical “go to do”. This isn’t the time to try something fun and new, because you might just hate it and that’s the last thing you want to think when you look back at your birth photos (oh yeah, have you contacted me about that yet, if not you should)! Anyways! When you go in for your pedicure, ask too if you can pay them a little extra for them to just rub your feet a little longer. No seriously. I knew a girl and she would go EVERY week just for a small foot/leg rub. Not even a pedicure, just a massage. They did it and she loved it!

6) Journal Each Night Before Bed.

After dinner, after your walk, after you’ve spent time with your husband, maybe even after your relaxing bath, make a journal entry from that day. Write down all of your thoughts and feelings you had throughout the day. Write to your baby. Write your hopes, dreams and goals you have as a mom. Maybe even write down some of your fears. Think about how fun it is going to be to go back and read these entries once you have your sweet little babe in your arms.

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