Not Your Average Birth Class

Hosted by Birth Photographer: Heather Dimsdale & Birth Doula: Erin Swart (click here to meet Erin)

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Hello Mama,

Heather here! Together, Erin and I are hosting a class to help prepare you first time moms (and dads too) for labor + delivery! Our goal is to give you the real deal details of any and all possible things that might and very well could happen when PUSH day comes. This is kind of like a birth class you could take at the hospital except a lot more real, informative, personal, and FUN (we promise to make your 4 hours with us well worth it!) We want to help best prepare you by sharing our professional advice, (together we have attended just under 100 births) personal experience and to overall help give you a peace of mind so that when you leave us you will be full on ready to have that baby!


As we have attended so many births over the years we have been exposed to a lot of confused, overwhelmed, and completely lost parents to be come the day of delivery. In my professional experience I have a lot of of induced clients who really do not know what to expect. All they receive is a time to expect a phone call to which they are told when to arrive at the hospital. From there they are hooked up and a lot of times are not really informed of the procedures and events that will all happen between then and the time they are moved to postpartum (which a lot of times isn’t until the next 24+ hours) phew, that’s a lot of stuff going on that they are totally and completely clueless about.


Now some of my clients did take a class or two provided by the hospital but the information given out in those classes was by the book and there was so much that was left undiscussed. Erin and I want to provide some of that information but for the most part we are going to go more in detail and help you understand what you can expect, what is normal, and what you have a say so in.



To give you the best experience and as much of our professional advice as possible so that when you go to have your baby you are aware and informed. We want you to enjoy the day you meet your baby and not be left to wonder if what is happening is normal. Don’t rely on Google the day of, educate yourself beforehand with us!


We suggest this to first time mamas who will be in their 2nd or 3rd trimester during the time of the class. However mamas who are expecting their second baby are more than welcome to come too.
We are opening up 5 slots only at this time.


  • Date: Saturday, May 18th

  • Backup date: Saturday May 25th

  • Time: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

  • Location: Will be given the week of

    Light refreshments will be provided.
    Backup date will be used if a birth client goes into labor on the 18th. You will be given plenty of notice should this happen.


  • Lunch if you wish to eat a full meal during class

  • Husband/ Significant Other/ Birth Partner

  • Any and all questions or concerns
    You may send these in ahead of time to ensure that we are able to go over in the allowed time frame


Early bird registration: $50
Must register + pay before April 16th

Booking after the 16th: $65


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