Is Birth Photography Right For You?


Should You Invite A Birth Photographer To Your Labor + Delivery?

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There is no question about whether or not labor+delivery is a very private, intimate, and an emotional time in someone's life. I feel like this is what holds A LOT of couples back from even considering to hire a photographer to be present during this time. Others just aren't familiar with the photography coverage and are unsure about what all having a photographer present means. Each birth experience is unlike any other woman's and each birth experience will only happen once. 

A few other reasons you might be hesitant:
1) Your husband isn’t on board.
2) You feel self cautious.
3) You have a family member/friend who has offered to take photos. 
4) Pricing. 


One IMPORTANT thing to know about my photography is that
birth coverage is NOT actual delivery photos, UNLESS that is what you want. Birth Photography is more about the emotion being captured throughout the day. I capture births as they happen, and again, these moments only happen ONCE. If your husband isn’t quite on the same page as you with this coverage I strongly suggest setting up a consultation and having him come with you. 99% of husbands who come to the consultation are either
A) clueless about birth photography
B) don’t really want a stranger in the room
and guess what….they leave having a whole new mind set with their wife’s due date officially on my calendar! If a birth photographer is someone you want as a part of your birth team really talk to your husband about it, and I mean have a true heart to heart, let him know just how important having this day documented is to you, he will listen!

This is the most important story you’ll ever be a part of and the one chance you have to document it the right way.
— ~H. Dimsdale / Birth Photographer
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How I capture the day

My shooting depends ALL on how you are feeling. If you are in a lot of pain, I will keep my distance ensuring that I am not causing any disruption. If you are more comfortable and talking/interacting with others in the room then I do get a little closer in, but again I do not overstep any boundaries.
How you are laboring determines how I will shoot. 

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My main goal is to ensure that each birth client is comfortable with their decision on having hired me. I never want any client to regret having a birth photographer present.
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I have a family member/ family friend offering to take photos

With 50 births so far in 6 years I have trained myself to capture moments that the average person would overlook. Hospital lighting is tricky and often times things can progress quickly.  Important details and knowing when/how to capture them is what ensures you that those memories are beautifully and carefully documented. Also, don't you want photos of everyone's reaction to meeting your baby? How can you capture that if they are the ones taking the photos? Hiring me ensures that your birth team can focus on being there for you. 

Hiring me ensures that you WILL have memories to beautifully hold onto forever. You WILL have something to later show your child the day they came into your life.

I want to make sure that you are comfortable the day of

As if labor and delivery wasn't painful enough the last thing I want you to add on top of that is the worry/concern of having me there. After booking takes place I always send over a questionnaire. This ensures that you are comfortable during our time together. Questions include:
1) What is most important to you during this day?
2) Are there any moments in which you wish for me to step out of the room
(EX. During exams, decision making time, resting period etc)

3) What are things you wish for me to capture
(EX. The clock throughout the day, mine and my husbands reaction, photo with the doctor etc)
4) What are you not comfortable with me capturing?

(EX. Breast feeding, nudity, detailed delivery shots etc)

I have never had a client come to me and say that they regretted having their child’s birth story captured. I have more people come up to me saying that they WISH they would have had this coverage.
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Is the price worth it?

Yes, yes, yes! I will forever be a birth story advocate because I honestly believe that this photography coverage is something that you will forever cherish and be thankful that you have. Couples spend thousands of dollars on wedding photography and I do not think that birth photography is/should be any different or less important.

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Sharing Images Online

This is completely up to you. In your questionnaire I ask what you are comfortable with me sharing. 

Please indicate your sharing preferences for the following: 
Facebook Sharing:

  • Yes, go for it

  • Yes, but only with specific approval

  • Discrete delivery photos only

  • Before/After delivery only

  • Please keep all images private

  • Blog and Website:

  • Yes, go for it

  • Yes, but only with specific approval

  • Discrete delivery photos only

  • Before/After delivery only

  • Please keep all images private


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In the event of an unplanned C-Section and I am unable to be in the OR (most local hospitals only allow 1 person) then I will continue shooting up until the time of and then up to two hours after recovery. This two hour window allows for sibling photos, family reactions, and family photos. 

No matter what your birth plan is, a photographer should be a part of it! Let’s start chatting details mama!

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