Why I won't just be giving you the high resolution digital files from your newborn session

Client Inquiry: Hi, how much are your newborn sessions?

Photographer: Sessions are $250 and this includes the session and 25 digital images.

Client: Perfect! I’d love to book you!

Photographer: Yay! Sending you an invoice now!

….The session happens….the online gallery is uploaded…and the files are downloaded.

Client: Thanks so much, I love them all! *downloads files and uploads them to Facebook.

Photographer: You’re welcome, so glad you love them!

The end. Errrr! Sorry but that just isn’t my kinda process!

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Smartphones…when everything you need to do is literally at your fingertips.

Social media (communication), paying bills, scheduling appointments, booking vacations, ordering furniture, accessing your home security system, following your GPS, watching a movie, following a tutorial, reading a book, ordering groceries, the list goes on and on and on.

In our world today we are constantly relying on our phones for almost ALL of our everyday needs. Think about that…everyday needs …aka EVERYTHING WE NEED.

The last thing I want for my business is for it to be like anything else that my client experiences in their day to day lives.

  • I don’t just want that online communication…so I schedule in person consultations. Hardly any of my bookings take place without meeting beforehand first.

  • I don’t want for clients to see their newborn images on a computer screen, i phone or i pad, so I provide printed proofs for them to come in to see and hold.

  • I want to see their reactions to the photos.

  • I want to be present when they look at them with happy hearts and watery eyes.

  • I want to be there when they are pointing out their baby’s tiny, itty bitty details that they love so much.

  • I want to be a part of the decision making process of choosing what they want.

  • I don’t want to just send over an online link leaving them to sit wondering what in the world they are even going to do with their photos.

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This time in life won’t last forever. Your baby won’t always be able to (comfortably) lay in your lap. This time should be fully taken in and you mama should be given the chance to be pampered a little.

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You should never feel rushed to look through photos of that little someone who you took 9 months to help grow, nurture and develop. You should see those beautiful details in person, in print, not online. You should share in the excitement with your husband, and your mom, and his mom, not just sending them a screenshot asking their opinions. Your baby is so much more than just a screenshot.
— ~H. Dimsdale / Newborn Photographer

My goal for mamas is to provide them with artwork that they can actually enjoy. High quality work that truly and best shows their baby off. Web size images are available via a blog post so that images can shared on social media but high resolution digital files are not included. The option is there to purchase them but they are my highest priced item.

Some of the reasons why I hear of moms wanting the digitals:

  • “I may want to print some off later.”

  • “I want to have them just to have access to them when I want.”

  • “Grandparents will want some.”

    When I hear these reasons, along with a few others, I try and remind them that if they are spending money on a session their images shouldn’t be postponed in displaying. These photos need to be ordered and put up NOW. We never know what tomorrow will bring, lets enjoy things while we can..not wait until later. What is the point of spending money on the session, and taking the time to schedule and attend the session, if you aren’t going to do anything with the photos??

    All of my sessions come with web size images so if you want them digitally that is included however you cannot make prints from them. I want to provide you with high quality work, not leave that in your hands…you have enough going on. You are hiring me, let me do my job from start to finish.


Grandparents are always welcome to come to the viewing appointment! If they don’t live here in town ask them ahead of time what they’d like to order.

Smiling newborn during photo session in Warner Robins

While there are plenty of photographers who do offer online galleries and digital files I just personally prefer not to be one of them.

We are all different, we all have a different way of running a business and there is nothing wrong with that.


Life today is constantly GO, GO, GO. Catch that green light, speed down the road, respond back to that text quickly as possible. Why should this sweet time be rushed as well? Wouldn’t you love for something in your life to be out of the ordinary and admired just a little bit more?

I’m so glad I trusted Heather with our newborn’s photos and family photos. She captured my family in the comfort of our own home and sealed the memory of our baby’s first week in high quality photos. The framed items we purchased were high quality pieces that will be proudly displayed. Thanks Heather!
— Marian O.
Omg...I can’t say enough about this place. Heather is so patient with the babies and does an awesome job on the pictures. I highly recommend this place and will be using her again. It was a great experience and Heather is truly an exceptional photographer. Definitely a 5 star rating!!
— Shelley S.
Heather was so great and patient while our daughter got her newborn pictures taken. She is so professional and calming! Our pictures and album turned out beautiful and Heather adds personal touches to the final product . Love her!
— Rachel S.

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