Unplugged Birth, And 4 Reasons Why You Should Have One.


Have you recently been to a wedding, or seen on your Facebook newsfeed, a cutely decorated sign that says “Welcome To Our Unplugged Wedding” or “We Really Want To See Your Faces And Not Your Devices” ? If so, then you probably already know what unplugged means, and if not, well it’s pretty much:
1) We’ve hired a professional to take these photos for us
2) Please be present
3) Please just take a break from the phones and enjoy our wedding ceremony with us

If you know me and have followed my work for a while then you know that I 100% believe birth photography is just as important as wedding photography. I also strongly believe that you, along with your partner, and all visiting family members should be 100% present on this day.

Here are my 4 reasons why I believe in unplugged births (aka no phone zone) and why I know you will benefit from it.



1. This is the time for your
partner to comfort and support you.

This is going to be a very private + intimate day for you both. You are going to want his attention, you are going to want him to be present, and you are going to need him to listen to information that your nurse, doctor, or midwife gives to you both. Even if/when things are progressing slowly, don’t be so quick to pick up your phone. If you have visitors, visit with them. If you just want to hold your partners hand, hold it. Take the day in. It has taken you 9 months to get here, 9 long months, so try and find some excitement in that. Don’t wish for it to all go by so fast. As anxious as you are to meet your baby, think more about how awesome it is that you have made it full term and how close you are now! It’s an exiting day, and you have many exciting days ahead of you. This is just the beginning mama, so enjoy each and every moment, detail, and contraction in between!


2) Enjoy your family + visitors.

They are going to be worried about you, especially ya mama! Let her love on you, rub your back, or play with your hair. Take the moments in of in laws and grandparents checking on you, asking how you’re feeling, how far apart your contractions are etc. They are just as excited as you are and they too should be in the moment. So yep, a phone free zone for grandparents, and all visitors, while they are in the room with you!

3) Yeah Facebook is great,
but it can wait.

Leave the Facebook creepin’ and status updates till later. Trust me, you have plenty of late nights ahead of you for all that. While it’s fun to post and share what’s going on, don’t get so wrapped up into checking your notifications and sharing memes right now. Honestly, who cares what other people are doing. YOU ARE ABOUT TO MEET YOUR BABY! Sorry (#sorrynotsorry), but there really is nothing more interesting or more important than that. The ones who matter are probably at the hospital with you anyways sooooo yeah! Check out of the social media world and into the current moment!

4) You won’t have to worry about family members sharing photos before you get to and this respects your privacy.

No phones means no photos! So, you don’t have to worry about Grandma Mary or Aunt Shelly taking those unflattering photos of you at weird angles, or your friends sharing the first BABY IS HERE announcement. Guess what? Nobody even has to know that you are in labor if you don’t want them to! While I know you love your family members and all your visitors it is easy for them to get wrapped up in the moment and post when maybe they shouldn’t. This can easily lead to you feeling overwhelmed. By having an unplugged birth you are in complete control of photos, announcements, and everything else via social media.

You will never get this day back and you will only meet your baby one time. This day, and the next, is for bonding with your baby and self-care after delivery. Your labor, delivery, and postpartum is definitely not about pleasing others.
If you plan to have an unplugged birth then you can post a status on Facebook before the baby is born, or send out a group text to family and friends, letting everyone know about your plan. Feel free to share this blog post too if you want!

At the end of the day, your baby’s birthday is about you, your body, and most importantly your baby. You do what you feel is best and what you feel will benefit you the most and help you to enjoy the day as much as possible!


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