Session Details


Price : Starting at $995

  1. Payment is not due in full and payment plans are available.

  2. An in person consultation is required to reserve your due date

  3. 24/7 3 week on call status

  4. Labor + delivery

  5. Bonding hour after delivery

  6. Photography will be based on what you are comfortable with



Price: $250 / Tuesday-Friday
*Saturday sessions -$300*

This fee reserves your session time ONLY.

My full service newborn studio includes:

  1. Professional + simple + realistic + safe newborn posing

  2. Parent + sibling poses

  3. Access to your choice of props, wraps, blankets, head pieces etc.

  4. A relaxing sitting area so that you can watch the session the entire time

  5. A private room for nursing

  6. Viewing + ordering session. Online galleries ARE NOT AVAILABLE.

    Read more about my process to see if I’m a good fit for your needs by clicking HERE.

Booking Process:

Inquire - WHOO! You love my work, you’re excited to learn more now let’s schedule your free consultation. This is the perfect time to view the studio and to meet me! We might even be friends by the time it’s over with! I for real love my mama clients so much!!

Explore- Afterwards I encourage you to find some time to relax and scroll through the blog. There is a TON of reading material that includes pregnancy tips all the way to postpartum and newborn care.

Pregnant? Need a photographer? I’d love to be your girl! Let’s chat about it!