At the end of each year I put together a little personal yearbook for my Two Little Loves. It mainly has cell phone pictures that I’ve shared on Facebook but it’s pictures that I want THEM to remember and have when they are older. They love having these and they look forward to getting them in the mail when I tell them their new book has been shipped out. GOOD NEWS for you is that I am now offering these to clients! 

I will 💯 % put together for you, and I will even pull images off of FB so you do not have to send anything over. I will create the book in the order the pictures took place and send you a proof before ordering. This idea is open to an individual child or a family yearbook. 

These are a sweet little keepsake that highlights their year and gives you both something tangible to have! I know as moms we all love this idea but we don’t all have the time to sit down and do it. If you are interested and want my assistance please contact me for details.